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For several years I have been making the transition from painting to photography. Nowadays my passion is videography, mainly wildlife. I am also an avid gardener, so gardens feature often in my short films. You can find my videos on www.vimeo.com/annbaldwin

I was a mixed media painter for many years, selling through galleries, art fairs, and my studio. Luck was definitely with me when in 2008 I was asked by Quarry Books to write a book on Mixed Media painting. 'Creative Paint Workshop for Mixed Media Artists' was published in 2009. One chapter focuses on the use of photography in paintings. By then I had become a full-time closet photographer! Once the book was launched, I made the decision to give up painting and 'come out'.

Some of the fine art photos you see here use the same approach of multiple composited images and (digital) paint that I used in my paintings. Only now it's all done in my camera and in post-processing with Photoshop and Nik software. I am a passionate picture-maker!